Citizen science is the involvement of the public in scientific research – whether community-driven research or global scientific investigations. It includes a broad range of activities, from mapping natural phenomena to analyzing scientific data, sharing health information, and making new low-cost technologies.


Citizen Science goes Global

The first General Assembly of the Citizen Science Global Partnership (CSGP) took place at the host institution and secretariat, IIASA, and online on Monday, 3 October 2022

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The CSGP brings together networks of citizen science researchers and practitioners to promote and advance citizen science for a sustainable world.


By involving members of the public in authentic scientific research, citizen science emphasizes collaborative intelligence and co-creation.


Fully realizing the potential of citizen science requires coordination, mobilization, and partnerships across geographies, sectors, and research domains.


The Citizen Science Global Partnership wants to advance the use of citizen science to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Foundational Goals
  1. Offer a coordinated point of entry for government, NGO, and business partners seeking to collaborate with the global citizen science community.
  2. Help promote and support networks that advance citizen science, such as the citizen science Associations established in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Offer strategic guidance and support to help new networks, such as emerging Associations in Asia and Africa, form.
  3. Help promote and support consortia of different citizen science projects conducting research on similar topics, such as vector-borne disease or pollution, around the world. This model allows projects to mobilize local communities while sharing good practices and data on global scales.
  4. Support the collection and exchange of open and findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data by formalizing a citizen science data standard, creating a data directory, and building an open data portal.
  5. Understand and track the contributions of citizen science to supporting sustainable development.
History & Governance

In December 2017, representatives from the global citizen science community were encouraged by the UN-Environment Programme (UNEP) to outline the parameters of a citizen science network-of-networks.
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We want to leverage the passion of the global citizen science community to help demonstrate the value of the partnership, and we encouraged individual and groups to submit their ideas for projects.
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The Citizen Science Global Partnership brings together citizen science researchers and practitioners with representatives of policy, business, and community-based perspectives.
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Supporting Partners